Our Services

Accounting and auditing are the traditional focus of the CPA and the largest aspect of our professional practice. Yodice & Company, P.C.’s accounting services provide periodic compilation and review financial statements to determine if a client is operating properly and maximizing profits. The importance of these statements is twofold: First, they permit the client to react quickly and decisively to control or adjust the company’s growth; and secondly, they provide a means to judge the financial development of a product or service. Our auditing services consist primarily of examining client financial statements to render an independent auditor’s opinion on them for use in reports. This opinion is of fundamental importance in enabling banks, regulatory agencies, credit grantors, investors, stockholders, management and other third parties to assess the company’s value and financial credibility. We have a professional commitment to stay abreast of each of our clients’ business affairs. We expect to confer with management on a regular basis throughout the year to review the company’s performance in light of its objectives and goals and to discuss alternative plans and to examine possible problem areas.

Yodice & Company, P.C.’s consulting professionals offer specialized services in a variety of sectors. We provide value-added services through a number of consulting roles, and assist in developing and preparing short-term budgets and long-range forecasts that will assure the orderly functioning of your business.The services we offer before or after the issuance of a financial statement are as important as the service we offer to arrive at the financial statement. We can also assist in the selection and implementation of accounting software

Our Firm’s personnel provide experienced advice on all aspects of tax and estate planning. We can assist in any of the following:

  • Personal and business tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Deferred compensation
  • Other concerns.

The complexity of tax regulations necessitates specialized competence in the knowledge and application of the tax laws.We will render advice regarding the tax benefits of alternative business choices, thereby enabling the client to make more informed decisions.On a regular basis, we keep clients informed on new tax developments, income tax planning and estate planning.

Yodice & Company, P.C.’s professionals are trained to prepare the personal tax returns for our clients’ executives as well as other individuals in the business community with complex tax situations.The Firm plans for the minimization of corporate and personal taxes and represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service and other tax agencies. We also advise our clients on tax implications of proposed business and investment transactions.

odice and Company, P.C. has experience in providing services to the following industries:

  • Mortgage Banking and Brokerage
  • Legal and Medical Service Professionals
  • Retail
  • Food distribution
  • Leasing Services
  • Real Estate
  • Not for Profit